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Hazardous Waste Removal, Transport, Vacuum Truck & Roll-Off Solutions



Hazardous Waste can be a burden on any residential property or business. Let Eastern service all your waste transport and waste removal needs, from hazardous waste to solids the Eastern Remediation team can service you.


Eastern Environmental Solutions is a fully licensed and insured transporter of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials in solid and liquid form. When it comes to hazardous waste removal or transport there is no one better. We can assist with the management of solvents, toxins, reactive, corrosives, oxidizers, PCB's, heavy metals, asbestos, universal waste and non-RCRA regulated wastes. Whether in lab-pack quantities or roll off container quantities Eastern possesses a Part 364: Waste Transporter Permit from New York State to safely haul materials from your site using the most effective means.

Whether your business generates solid, liquid, or bulk wastes (e.g. flammables, corrosives, aerosols, lab packs, mercury, photography chemicals, plating wastes, paints, etc), Eastern is fully equipped and licensed to characterize, transport, dispose of, and properly manifest your hazardous materials in a prompt and professional manner.

From the proper storage and handling to record-keeping and reporting requirements, Eastern Environmental Solutions is committed to bringing its clients up to compliance to meet their regulations by providing the highest level of customer intimate service.


NYSDEC # 1A-698 _ USEPA ID # NYR000135624


Drum Disposal & Management


With our fleet of licensed, insured, and permitted trucks, we can provide you with our professional drum disposal & management services which allows us to safely transport storage drums containing hazardous or non-hazardous materials and liquids. All drums are safely handled by our professional staff and all manifest documentation is always in compliance with DOT regulations.

Eastern also provides drum sampling and lab packing services and can also perform inventory & waste characterization of in-house products.

Please give us a call. We will be happy to assist you.


NYSDEC # 1A-698 _ USEPA ID # NYR000135624

Vacuum Tanker Truck Services (VEFR - Vacuum Enhanced Fluid Recovery)


Eastern maintains a fleet of vacuum pump trucks, vacuum excavation and trailers for efficient removal of liquid free product contamination from extraction wells or trenches. Enhanced is the key: "VEFR-ing" increases the effective product recovery from single and multi-well systems and open excavations by increasing the hydraulic gradient, speeding the rate of contaminated groundwater extraction.

Eastern’s vacuum-assisted pumping methods are ideal for industrial, commercial, municipal, and residential sites with DNALP, LNAPL, and a wide variety of contamination issues involving underground tanks (USTs), leaking pipelines, and other sources of subsurface contamination.

Eastern also provides tank pumping services for yachts and boats. Services include the removal of waste oil, stagnant or contaminated fuel, water, diesel, and gasoline from vessel tanks.

Eastern’s vacuum tankers are permitted to remove and transport hazardous and non-hazardous waste.


NYSDEC # 1A-698 _ USEPA ID # NYR000135624


Roll-Off Container Services

Our roll-off containers accommodate sludge and dry-waste materials. And with our extensive inventory of 10, 20, and 30 cubic yard containers, Eastern’s permitted trucks can conveniently stage and haul roll-off containers from your work-site or residence to an approved disposal facility with prompt and reliable service.

For bulk soil disposal, Eastern has a fleet of tri-axle dump trucks to efficiently transport and dispose of your contaminated waste.


NYSDEC # 1A-698 _ USEPA ID # NYR000135624


Eastern Environmental Solutions is a PROUD Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business servicing the Suffolk County, Nassau County & New York City Area for over 15 years!



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