Here is a list of our past clients and their organic feedback on Eastern's work, capability and performance.

Eastern performed an emergency oil spill clean-up and remediation of Mr. Carty's residential property in Middle Island, while also performing an underground storage tank removal. We had a very limited access area to the tank requiring specialized surgical level excavation service completed by our expert remediation crew.


I was very pleased with the work done by Eastern Environmental Solutions Inc. They helped a great deal with a situation which can be both frightening and stressful. Their rates are quite reasonable. They are very knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions. Their crews are professional – on time, thorough and very respectful. Their advanced equipment had minimal impact on my property. When I found myself dealing with an area I was unfamiliar with, it was comforting to work with them. My contact with Eastern was Doug Schrimpf who from start to finish was a fellow I could trust. They are very familiar with what needs to be done, particularly in terms of contacts with the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation. They are well named ; “Solution.”  I highly recommend “Eastern Environmental Solutions.”


~Mr. Pat Carty, Brookhaven, New York



Eastern was called on site for an oil tank leak which then turned into the removal of the storage tank and cleanup of the impacted soil as well as on-site property remediation.

Oil tank had a small leak.  Eastern Environmental removed the tank and cleaned up the contaminated soil.  They were very professional, showed up when they said they would, and did their work quickly with minimal damage to the yard.


~ Mr. Jay Shows, Southampton, New York



Eastern performing an environmental remediation job.

They are very good.  They are good at staking wetlands. They are very cooperative. Whoever is handling your case is very accessible, nice, and knowledgeable. We have used them twice.


~ Mr. Richard Delano, Bridgehampton, New York



Eastern performing a residential UST removal, excavation and installation of a new above-ground storage tank on the property.

They dug up an underground oil tank and removed it.  They installed a new above ground oil tank. It was very good.  It was a very technical environmental project.  They handled it quickly and reliably.  Their staff was wonderful.  They followed all the EPA guidelines and did all the filings.


~ Mrs. Jeanne Jarvis-Meara, Long Island City, Queens



Eastern completing a soil boring and oil test outside a residential above-ground storage tank to check for any contamination in the oil and ground soil around the tank.

We had a 50 year old oil tank in the front yard. They performed bore tests and took oil samples to see if there was any contamination outside the tank. It went well. We did it to make sure there were not any environmental issues, which there wasn't.


~ Mr. Alex Chung, Brooklyn, New York



Eastern responded to a residential property that was ready to be sold after an oil contamination occurred. Eastern was on site to provide remediation by removing the contaminated soil and performing excavation on the property.

There was a slight oil contamination underground and they cleaned it up. It was removed when we bought the house and the problem came back when we were selling it. It was great. They were very professional. There was minimal damage to property.


~ Mr. Craig Berkoski, Sag Harbor, New York



Eastern provided remediation for an oil spill outside a residential above-ground storage tank also hydro-excavated the contaminated soil caused by the spill and replaced the tank.

They cleaned up an oil spill from my outside oil tank, replace the tank, took away all the contaminated soil. They were very professional, and very accommodating.


~ Mrs. Fran Clark, Mastic, New York



Eastern performed a confined space entry into a residential attic space to perform remediation on the attic's insulation by tightening the air leakage coming into the house and providing on-site property remediation as well.

Tightening the air leakage into the house and attic insulation. Attic vented as well. Very well. They did exactly what they said, professionally and quickly with very little mess left behind.


~ Mr. Timothy Wacker, Newburyport, Massachusetts


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