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Oil Spill Remediation & Cleanup Guide For Homeowners

Oil Spill Cleanup and Flood Management Guide For Residential Homeowners   Why it's important for homeowners to industrial plants to know what to expect during an oil spill or flood on their property.   Lets be serious, having an oil spill in your house is a horrific thought. The damage, the smell, the uncertainty, it…
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Latest NYSDEC Classs Adds 48 New Rangers To Help Protect Environment

48 recruits graduate from DEC's 20th Basic School for uniformed officers. Photo by: NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, via Facebook.   Basil Seggos, DEC Commissioner announces 31 new ECO's and 17 new Forest Rangers from the agency's "20th Basic School for Uniformed Officers."   From Montauk to Buffalo the NYSDEC is adding more uniformed officers…
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