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Geoprobe®, Subsurface Investigation Made Easy

Geoprobe® Drilling Service & Testing Services   What is a Geoprobe? Geoprobe is a brand name of Geoprobe® Systems drilling equipment. A Geoprobe machine is a drill which is designed to penetrate deep into soil, groundwater and rock specifically for the reasons of subsurface investigation such as sampling and testing for contamination in the surrounding…
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Our new Geoprobe 420M rig

Eastern's latest addition; Geoprobe Systems 420M limited access drilling rig and custom trailer.   The 420M Limited Access Unit is the smallest and most portable of the Geoprobe Systems drilling units and we got our very own fresh out of the box...literally.   Freshest addition to Eastern Environmental's industry leading fleet of environmental equipment...the Geoprobe…
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Soil Testing, Groundwater & Subsurface Investigation

Geoprobe service, soil testing, groundwater sampling, soil-vapor testing & subsurface investigation.   We specialize in all types of subsurface investigations. Eastern Environmental Solutions is a specialist with extensive experience in all types of subsurface investigations. Soil & Groundwater sampling is performed by means of Direct Push Technology (DPT). Utilizing our fleet of Geoprobe ® equipment,…
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