Residential Oil Tank Removal, Abandonment and Installation

Oil Tank Removal. See how the professionals do it at Eastern Environmental Solutions.


At this residential business site out in Stony Brook we removed a 550 gallon UST (underground storage tank) and replaced it with a brand new AST (above-ground) 275 gallon ECOgard tank.


Our field technicians performed multiple tasks on the job including tank cleaning, excavation work, soil testing services and a brand new ECOgard tank new installation. First they had to locate the old UST which required the excavation of asphalt to get to it. The tank was then cut and our properly geared field tech cleaned out the tank ensuring its ready to be removed. By way of our Daewoo SV55 Midi Excavator we extracted the tank for transport and proper disposal.


Eastern prides itself on our ability to perform full property restoration and remediation. We then back-filled the excavated site with topsoil and leveled it back to its original condition. Once the soil was compacted Eastern  The client wanted a new above-ground tank installed so we installed one of top of the line Roth ECOgard AST storage tanks, planting it in place and connecting it under the supervision of the Suffolk County Department of Health who was present to ensure all necessary measures were taken by the team.



All in all there is no other Environmental Contractor on Long Island who could have done such a cost effective and perfect job all around and all in compliance with the SCDHS. Eastern Environmental Solutions specializes in ALL Oil Tank related services including oil tank removals, abandonment, new installations, maintenance, testing services & more. Residential, Commercial or Industrial we have the equipment and experience to not only get it done, but it get done right. We care about our clients concerns and questions we make ourselves available to you for 24/7 for Emergency Services and rapid response spill remediation, mold removal, water damage and waste management services.


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