Geoprobe Service, Soil Testing & Subsurface Investigation

Geoprobe Service, Well Drilling, Soil Testing, & Subsurface Investigations



Eastern offers the most comprehensive fleet of Geoprobe ® rigs to provide you with the upmost service in subsurface investigations and testing remediation. Subsurface drilling, soil & groundwater sampling, injections and soil-vapor services on call.


Soil Testing & Contaminated Soil Removal


If you have had a spill on a site or at your home, or are creating a commercial opportunity with land that is unsuitable for development due to prior contamination, Eastern’s multidisciplinary team members specialize in the removal and restoration of contaminated soil and groundwater with the most cost effective recovery systems available.

Our staff experts assist clients with the identification, evaluation, containment and control of spills involving soil & ground water removal and disposal.

Eastern maintains a modern fleet of roll-off containers, vacuum tanker trucks & trailers, excavators, high capacity centrifugal and diaphragm pumps, hydraulic submersible pumps, hoses, and a variety of ancillary equipment to move virtually any material Eastern is also experienced in assisting clients in complying with a wide range of federal, state and local regulations such as RCRA, CERCLA, SARA, and TSCA.


NYSDEC # 1A-698 _ USEPA ID # NYR000135624

Soil Testing and Groundwater Sampling


Eastern Environmental Solutions is a specialist with extensive experience in all types of subsurface investigations. Soil & Groundwater sampling is performed by means of Direct Push Technology (DPT). Utilizing our fleet of Geoprobe ® equipment, we can collect water and soil samples down to 100 feet below grade. Our multiple Geoprobe ® units allow us the ability to access buildings, hallways, and other areas typically thought to be inaccessible for subsurface investigation.

Eastern also provides the service of acquiring all analytical data that is needed and/or sought after in your subsurface investigation(s) through our licensed network of analytical laboratories. This service provides you with accuracy and timely data results for your soil, groundwater, or subsurface structural concerns.


NYSDEC Well Driller # 10764



Geoprobe ® Service, Soil-Vapor, ORC ®, HRC ®, RegenOx™ Subsurface Investigations, Sampling, Injections


Geoprobe services include soil boring samples, groundwater sampling, soil-vapor testing, samplings and injections. Our fleet of Geoprobe drilling rigs is unparalleled able to meet any requirement necessary. Residential, Commercial or Industrial we have the perfect fit for the job. For confined space entry jobs we have our portable mounted "Dingo" GH series Geoprobe as well as our 7822DT model for deep drilling. Eastern is your #1 source for all Geoprobe service and related isssues.

For whatever type of material you need to pump or inject into your subsurface investigation and remediation projects: ORC®, HRC®, RegenOx, and grout, Eastern Environmental Solutions has multiple injection pumps to suit your project requirements for subsurface applications and treatment for the breakdown of subsurface contaminants.

Eastern also maintains multiple grout machines for closure and abandonment of soil boring and monitoring wells.


NYSDEC Well Driller # 10764


Inspection/Well Services: Drilling & Installation


Eastern installs monitoring wells, and micro-wells utilizing hollow stem auger or direct push methodology at any location. Screens and risers can be established at the appropriate height of your needs, and whether it is for scheduled inspections, monitorings, product recovery, plume delineation, air sparging, or more, Eastern can install discrete monitoring wells with flush-mount covers at your site or residence with professionalism and ease.


NYSDEC Well Driller # 10764

Soil-Vapor/Gas Monitoring Point Installation


“Soil-Vapor Sampling” or “Soil-Gas Sampling” is an excellent method of locating and identifying vapors that lie in the interstitial spaces that are close to sources of contamination. Eastern can install discrete “temporary” and “permanent” vapor points for your convenience.


NYSDEC Well Driller # 10764

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