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Residential Cesspool Installation, The Eastern Way.


Cesspool Pump Outs, Sewer Pumping, Septic service, Sanitary System remediation, Vactor & Guzzler hydro-excavation, installations, repairs and maintenance no matter the issue we have the equipment and technicians ready to go with 24/7 service and support. Eastern is Long Island and the NYC metro area's most cost-effective and comprehensive cesspool and all sanitary system service providers.  For over 15 years Eastern has been the go to source for all residential cesspool service including cesspool pump outs, cesspool installations, clogged sewer remediation, sewer jetting, CCTV Inspections and any other septic or sanitary issue that you have.

Eastern has regions largest fleet of environmental remediation equipment including our hydro-excavation Vactor and Guzzler vehicles able to quickly, safely and efficiently provide all cesspool, sewer and septic system pumping and vacuum service. Eastern also handles all both industrial and commercial cesspool replacements, installations, pumping, vacuum pump outs no matter the size our team can handle the project. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, unparalleled response time and cutting edge innovative methods makes Eastern the only choice for any residential cesspool, sewer, septic or sanitary system service. No matter the property size or job type; Residential, Commercial or Industrial Sanitary, Cesspool installations are welcome, we have the excavation and crane service equipment ready to go allowing for easy turn key solutions to all drainage related issues because as you know time is money and there no faster more effective team in the business.


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Cesspool, Septic Installations, Removals, Sanitary System Cleaning, Aerating, Chemical Treatment



Root Jetting

Peak performance of sanitary leaching systems is obtained through regularly scheduled sanitary system cleanings, aeration, or chemical treatments. Eastern is there for you providing all regular routine maintenance or repair service on all cesspool, septic, sewer system issues. Our 24/7 support ensures complete reliability and access to our professional staff always if need be.

Proper maintenance of sanitary leaching systems is a must, as improper maintenance results in system back-ups and costly repairs; a certain inconvenience for any homeowner or business.

Regularly scheduled sanitary system cleaning involves the removal of accumulated sanitary solids and sludge from the septic tank. To restore adequate flow to the leaching structures, sanitary liquids and accumulated sediment are removed from each structure.

Aeration involves the removal of sanitary liquids followed by the introduction of air to the bottom of the structure to disperse accumulated solids. The removal of liquids is necessary in order for aeration to be effective. The agitation of bottom contents aids chemical treatments to break down solids. This process is only performed on precast drainage structures.

Chemical Treatment involves the introduction of chemicals to the sanitary leaching pools to chemically break up accumulated and dissolved solids to restore proper leaching to the system.

Cesspool Installations/Removals - Whether it is your new home, new commercial property, residential or commercial renovation, Eastern’s personnel is qualified to install, remove, or abandon any septic system in accordance to Department of Health’s regulations. Additionally, Eastern can also coordinate septic system installations, removals, or abandonment activities with Department of Health personnel.

NYSDEC # 1A-698 _ USEPA ID # NYR000135624 _ Consumer Affairs License # 33088

Storm Drain - Sewer Pump Outs, Cleaning/Sampling, Routine Maintenance & Repair


Storm drains become contaminated over time as rainwater and melting snow comes in contact with oil/grease/gas and brake dust from the cars in your parking lot, and then washes into the storm drain. The contaminants then accumulate in the storm drains and sanitary systems to elevated concentrations.

Eastern owns and operates a fleet of Vactor® and tanker trucks which enables us to quickly remove contaminated liquid and soil/waste from structure(s) and legally transport the waste to a licensed treatment storage and disposal facility (TSDF) with minimal disturbance to your parking lot, storm drain(s) and day to day operations.

Eastern can prevent costly remediation projects by routinely removing the soil/sediment from the base of the structures while also improving overall site drainage. The cost to perform routine maintenance on your storm drain before the contaminants accumulate to above regulatory levels is drastically lower than a remediation mandated by appropriated regulatory agencies and/or pending real estate transfers.

Eastern is also prepared to ensure that your potentially old or faulty storm drain(s) is structurally sound and safe with our repair services. Please give us a call for more information.

NYSDEC # 1A-698 _ USEPA ID # NYR000135624


Sewer Pumping

CCTV Digital Mainline - Camera Line Inspections


Allow pipe challenges to be identified without costly dig-ups

With our state-of-the-art robotic camera systems and service vehicles we can locate and inspect pipeline obstructions and/or taps and leads in pipelines ranging from 2 inches to 8 feet in diameter. Eastern can diagnose and identify the nature of leaks or damage in pipelines and precisely locate the distance and direction to the problem to reduce exploratory excavation and get right to the source of the problem.

Our CCTV capabilities save our clients considerable time in locating piping problems instead of digging up lines until you find the cause. We can also inspect duct work in addition to sewer and other pipelines.

Sewer Jetting & Root Cutting


If your drainage system is clogged, it is possible that the cause may be due to roots growing into your drainage piping system.

Eastern Environmental Solutions is able to inspect drainage systems with CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras and locate sources of blockage with no disturbance to the system. If blockage is detected, Eastern can remove the area of concern with high pressure jets or robotic equipment and restore you drainage system to function properly.

We are also able to provide our clients with video formatted DVDs of the inspection camera’s journey through your drainage system. This benefit allows clients to visually understand the actual status of their drainage systems and also makes them aware of any future planning that may be related to the maintenance of the system.

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