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Industrial Warehouse Explosion

  Eastern performing Industrial Cleaning After two drums of aluminum exploded overnight in a warehouse, Eastern performed an industrial clean-up and site restoration of the effected areas including lots of surface damage and puncturing a hole in the ceiling. Remediation work completed by our crew of environmental expert technicians.
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Bedford Avenue

Eastern Takes On Brooklyn Eastern performing various projects on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Eastern removed multiple 12000 gallon underground commercial storage tanks, three 1000 gallon tanks, one 25000 gallon waste oil tank and one 1000 gallon tank abandoned with sand. Other duties included the cleaning and cutting of the tanks, mass scale excavation,…
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Entenmann’s Factory

Eastern at Entenmanns Factory! Eastern using our premier Guzzler® servicing to hydro-excavate the flour out of the Entenmann's industrial silos at their factory in Bay Shore, New York.           
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