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  • Commercial UST Abandonment

    Commercial UST Abandonment

    Eastern Environmental Solutions, Commercial Oil Tank Abandonment Service Our professional field crew headed out to Astoria, Queens in the Big…

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  • Residential Mold Removal

    Residential Mold Removal

    Residential Mold Removal The Eastern crew arriving on scene to a residential dwelling filled with a toxic mold infestation. The…

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  • Residential Oil Spill Cleanup

    Residential Oil Spill Cleanup

    Residential Oil Spill Cleanup & Flood Management Remediation Eastern crew on-site in Shelter Island performing our emergency response remediation of…

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  • Commercial Structure Abandonment

    Commercial Structure Abandonment

    Eastern performing the Abandonment of multiple underground commercial structures out in Deer Park. The Eastern crew had all the rigs…

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  • Storm Drain Repair

    Storm Drain Repair

    Storm Drain Structure Repair and Maintenance Eastern crew performing multiple repairs and maintenance on twelve storm drains with two of…

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  • Commercial UST Removal

    Commercial UST Removal

    UST Removal, Concrete Excavation and Cleaning Eastern removing a 9000 gallon underground storage tank at Our Lady of Loretto Church…

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  • Cesspool Removal & New Installation

    Cesspool Removal & New Installation

                          Sanitary System repair, Cesspool pump-out & New installation Eastern performing a complete remediation of…

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  • Bartco Gas Station

    Bartco Gas Station

    Commercial and Industrial Tank Removals Eastern performing multiple commercial and industrial underground storage tank removals including the cleaning and testing…

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  • Industrial Warehouse Explosion

    Industrial Warehouse Explosion

      Eastern performing Industrial Cleaning After two drums of aluminum exploded overnight in a warehouse, Eastern performed an industrial clean-up…

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  • Residential Pond Excavation

    Residential Pond Excavation

    Residential Pond Hydro-Excavation Eastern excavating a vacant residential pond in Brookhaven, New York. Through use of our premier Guzzler® rig…

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  • Bedford Avenue Excavation

    Bedford Avenue Excavation

    Eastern's site restoration of Bedford Avenue & Removal of a commercial UST Eastern's on-site remediation and site restoration work at…

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  • Bedford Avenue

    Bedford Avenue

    Eastern Takes On Brooklyn Eastern performing various projects on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Eastern removed multiple 12000 gallon…

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