New York City Oil Spill Cleanup Experts

Eastern Environmental Solutions Inc. has been providing Oil Spill cleanup, containment, and remediation service in the New York City boroughs and Long Island for over almost two decades.


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Residential Spill


New York City, Long Island Oil Spill Cleanup, Containment, Remediation and Emergency Response Service.

Eastern has the region's most comprehensive and complete fleet of environmental equipment and vehicles with the highest level of trained field crews possible. We specialize in tight areas, city environments and both commercial and industrial projects.


Oil Spills can be one of the worst things to happen to your property or business. That's why Eastern has invested both the time and money into making sure we are the best in our field at what we do and able to offer the most cost-effective pricing on the market. Our Emergency Response service is simply unbeatable as we possess the most advanced fleett of environmental vehicles and equipment together with the most skilled and trained staff of field technicians. We have been working tirelessly to make and offer our customers the most cost-effective environmental services and solutions in the business and there no company that can match our reputation, quality and work. Quite simply Eastern Environmental Solutions is New York City's and Long Island's #1 go-to source for all aspect Oil Spill related issues and all other environmental remediation. Our 24/7 Emergency Rapid Response service is on stand by for you, ready for when you need us, always.

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Commercial Spill

Eastern provides hazmat response, oil spill emergency rapid response and all other emergency spill response cases. We are outfitted to cover the entire range of possible incidents from a residential spill, fuel, chemical and other hazardous materials resulting from vehicular accidents, derailments, aviation incidents, abandonment, natural disasters and all industrial related facility accidents. All of Eastern's extensively trained field technicians and hazmat personnel have full live experience in handling every type of spill and emergency possibly. From our Senior Project Managers to our field tech's all of Eastern's personnel utilizes their experience, knowledge and mandatory training to provide a safe, efficient and effective all aspect remediation to the affected property or zone.



We have invested millions of dollars in our region's leading environmental equipment and vehicles making us uniquely able to rapidly respond to any and all types of spills and emergency response situations. Not only do we have the areas's most technological and advanced fleet, we also have the most trained and tested spill remediation field crews who have experience handling all types of spills from residential basement floodings to major commercial fuel spills. Our goal is to minimize your liability in the most cost-effective manner. We specialize in a variety of services tailored to your specific environmental issues from full Site Remediation services to Oil Tank and Waste Management services.

Our 24/7 Emergency Spill Response services are ready in case of unintended spills of hazardous or non-hazardous waste materials. Whether we are serving a minor residential spill or a tanker truck flip on the highway resulting in thousands of gallons of fuel released, we provide the proper cleanup phases along with all the neccessary materials and skilled professionals to properly serve you in the most professional cost-effective way possible.

Eastern's 24/7 Emergency Response Services;

  • Debris Cleanup & Removal
  • Chemical Product Transfers
  • Decontamination and Disposal
  • Emergency Vacuum Truck Services
  • Oil, Fuel and Chemical Spills
  • Open Water & Shoreline Response

Trust us you do NOT want this happening to you


Marine Spills, Cleanup and Containment

There is a reason why we have invested so much in equipment as we are also just as capable of handling marine spills as we are land spills. Equipment including oil skimmers, containment booms, sorbent materials, motor vessels, pumps, and other rapid response equipment ready for immediate deployment. Regardless of time, weather, quantity or product, our marine based response service is the most reliable and advanced in the area, we are always ready at a moments notice for any type of spill.

Varying by the response, spills typically can be contained within the first few hours with minimal remediation over the next 24-48 hours depending on the quantity and location of the spill. Eastern works under all local, state and Federal guidelines including EPA, OSHA, USCG, NYSDEC, etc when performing containments and cleanups from spills. Waste for off-site disposal is packaged and prepared for transport to the proper waste treatement disposal facility.

Typical marine response scenarios;

  • Oil, fuel, chemical and hazardous waste spill containment and cleanup
  • Vessel removal, Recovery, Salvage
  • Hydro-Excavation Services, Vactor and Guzzler Service
  • Transportation and Disposal
  • Boom and Skimmer Deployment

Our goal is to consistently provide our clients with the highest level of technical competence, strong project management oversight, integrated health and safety with quality control. We put an emphasis on the financial accountability for all our projects.


See us featured on News12 containing and cleaning up a marine spill off the coast of Long Island;

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