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Environmental Contracting, Services for Suffolk County, Nassau County, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan & more.


Eastern has a long-standing reputation as a premier environmental contractor and has remained at the forefront of remediation/environmental technologies with capabilities to handle all aspects of your project. At Eastern we strive to ensure the fastest response times and the most innovative, cost-effective solutions to your environmental concerns. Our dedication to professionalism, outstanding quality, and customer satisfaction is what defines our commitment to the partners and clients we work with.


Acting with empathy and respect is paramount to building successful relationships with clientele and partners.


With over 100 years of collective experience, our project management team has the knowledge to solve all unique environmental issues.


While constantly evolving and learning we have created the most responsive solutions through our innovative customer centered service.


Service Breakdown


24/7 Emergency Spill Response and Remediation Experts!

We provide a highly coordinated and expeditious response to spills of oil and hazardous materials. Our multidisciplinary team members are experts in assisting clients with the identification, evaluation, containment, and control of spills.

As a 24 Hour Emergency Service company, we can help you with regulatory compliance requirements such as the SPCC and RCRA. Our long term relationship with regulatory agencies and our ability to provide cost effective and immediate results have set us apart from the competition.

Some of the emergency services we provide include:

      • Emergency spill response for all fuel and oil companies, commercial and residential property owners, and their respective insurance carriers
      • Fuel oil/gasoline tanker truck/trailer release recovery cleanup
      • Soil & ground water removal and disposal
      • Structural & Content decontamination
      • Odor Removal
      • Decontamination
      • Above-ground/Underground fuel oil & gasoline tank overfill equipment failure clean-up
      • Violations Removed

Eastern understands the complicated steps in ensuring a safe and speedy fuel oil cleanup so our remediation experts are here for you the whole way.

Our mobile equipment and trained respondents can handle a wide array of jobs, ranging from a known non-hazardous materials release requiring Level D personal protective equipment to a Level A response for unknown hazardous substances. Eastern also maintains a modern fleet of roll off containers, vacuum and tanker trucks, high capacity centrifugal and diaphragm pumps, hydraulic submersible pumps, hoses, and a variety of ancillary equipment to move virtually any material.

NYSDEC # 1A-698 _ USEPA ID # NYR000135624



We also provide marine spill response. Our fleet of water crafts are equipped with containment booms and recovery equipment materials.


Contaminated Soil and Water Remediation and Restoration (Removal & Repair)

Eastern provides the most cost effective recovery systems available

If you have had a spill on a site or at your home, or are creating a commercial opportunity with land that is unsuitable for development due to prior contamination, Eastern’s multidisciplinary team members specialize in the removal and restoration of contaminated soil and groundwater with the most cost effective recovery systems available.

Our staff experts assist clients with the identification, evaluation, containment and control of spills involving soil & ground water removal and disposal.

Eastern maintains a modern fleet of roll-off containers, vacuum tanker trucks & trailers, excavators, high capacity centrifugal and diaphragm pumps, hydraulic submersible pumps, hoses, and a variety of ancillary equipment to move virtually any material Eastern is also experienced in assisting clients in complying with a wide range of federal, state and local regulations such as RCRA, CERCLA, SARA, and TSCA.

NYSDEC # 1A-698 _ USEPA ID # NYR000135624




Drainage System Installation and Repair

Eastern Environmental Solutions also has the means to perform in the construction and installation of drainage systems and structures. We also provide routine maintenance and cleaning of all sanitary and drainage systems.

NYSDEC # 1A-698 _ USEPA ID # NYR000135624



Drainage Remediation - Contaminated Leaching Structures

The practice of discharging hazardous and non-permitted non-hazardous fluids into subsurface soils via injection wells or leaching structures is no longer common practice in today’s environment. However, unintentional discharges often occur. If an injection point (drainage point) is suspected to be contaminated, we can provide remedial services to remove the contamination and “close out” the injection point, including the routine maintenance of recharge basins.  All of this being completed with our in-house staff and specialized equipment.

When injection wells are designed, constructed and operated properly in accordance with the approval of federal, state and local authorities, underground injection is an effective and environmentally safe method to dispose of approved liquids (i.e. treated water, storm water runoff, etc.).



RCRA Closures - Plant Decommissioning

As delegated under the Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA), the EPA is the authority regarding the control of hazardous waste from "cradle-to-grave", including the generation, transportation, treatment, storage, and disposal of waste. RCRA also set forth a framework for the management of non-hazardous and universal wastes. RCRA focuses only on active and future facilities and does not address abandoned or historical sites. These sites are addressed under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) also referred to as the Superfund Act. At Eastern Environmental Solutions, we have the ability to perform the construction, closure and restoration of RCRA sites, as well as investigation and remediation of CERCLA sites.

Considering our cutting edge technology and procedures, we can minimize waste generation and decrease the overall time for site closure. Some of our services include:

  • Decontamination and decommissioning
  • Demolition and dismantling
  • Confined space entry
  • Industrial cleaning
  • High pressure water blasting and scarification
  • Soil & groundwater remediation
  • Waste identification, packaging, transportation and disposal
  • Monitoring and recovery well installation


Eastern Environmental Solutions is a fully licensed and insured transporter of both hazardous and other non-hazardous waste materials. We can assist with the management of solvents, toxics, reactives, corrosives, oxidizers, PCB's, heavy metals, asbestos, universal waste and other RCRA/non-RCRA regulated wastes. Whether in lab-pack quantities or roll off container quantities, our team will lead the way. From the proper storage and handling to record-keeping and reporting requirements, Eastern Environmental Solutions is committed to providing the highest level of customer intimate service.


Industrial Cleaning - Decontamination ( Vactor ® & Guzzler ® )

Eastern Environmental Solution’s provides cost effective industrial cleaning services where standard methods of cleaning and disposing of contaminated areas is not practical. Eastern’s fleet of Vactors ® and Guzzlers ® is fully equipped with modern equipment to assist your industrial cleaning projects with great efficiency and professionalism. Whether your project is related to chemicals, plant decommissioning, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, fuel, or the food industry, Eastern is fully prepared and equipped to perform your industrial cleaning project and take care or any related regulatory compliance.


Confined Space Entry

Eastern handles all confined space entry permits and projects with the utmost care of any potential hazard. Each of Eastern’s field technicians are fully trained and licensed for full-body entry and rescue in tanks, vaults, ledges, factories, and structural crevices that relate to any of our environmental projects. All of Eastern’s field technicians are fully versed in all OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) safety standards pertaining to the specified work. Eastern is also affiliated with ISNetworld to insure that affiliated members feel safe in knowing that their safety requirements are perfectly met.

Flood Management

Heavy seasonal rains and tides can cause severe flooding in the New York area. Eastern’s friendly staff provides 24-Hour Emergency Response Flood Services to safely and promptly pump and remove water from flooded basements, storm drains, catch basins, and parking lot drains on behalf of the property owner or insurance carrier.

Vacuum Tanker Truck/Trailer Services (VEFR - Vacuum Enhanced Fluid Recovery)

Eastern maintains a fleet of vacuum pump trucks and trailers for efficient removal of liquid free product contamination from extraction wells or trenches. Enhanced is the key: VEFR-ing increases the effective product recovery from single and multi-well systems and open excavations by increasing the hydraulic gradient, speeding the rate of contaminated groundwater extraction.

Eastern’s vacuum-assisted pumping methods are ideal for industrial, commercial, municipal, and residential sites with DNALP, LNAPL, and a wide variety of contamination issues involving underground storage tanks (USTs), leaking pipelines, and other sources of subsurface contamination.

Eastern also provides tank pumping services for yachts and boats. Services include the removal of waste oil, stagnant or contaminated fuel, water, diesel, and gasoline from vessel tanks.

Eastern’s vacuum tankers are permitted to remove and transport hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

NYSDEC # 1A-698 _ USEPA ID # NYR000135624

Tanker Truck Services

Eastern provides full tanker truck service with a full fleet of tankers available for transport of all liquids and waste.




Well Monitoring and Product Recovery (groundwater)

Eastern Environmental Solutions installs wells up to 24" in diameter, as well as micro wells to facilitate easy access to groundwater for monitoring and recovery.

Whether you are seeking to know if your groundwater is potable, delineating a plume, recovering floating product, or determining if a source of contamination has migrated to your property from somewhere else, Eastern's in-house team of professionals can complete the task.

With over 20 years of well installation experience, Eastern's well services can assist you with your groundwater management resources.

NYSDEC Well Driller # 10764


Storage Tank Services

Removals, Abandonment & New Installations

If you are seeking to remove or abandon your fuel oil tank Eastern specializes in both underground storage tanks "UST" and above-ground storage tanks "AST", we also provide temporary tanks while working on yours. Eastern Environmental Solutions has the capability to remove your storage tank or abandon it with sand or concrete with quality and prompt service. Should contamination be identified during a tank removal or abandonment, Eastern is prepared to handle the smallest to the largest issues, regardless of the impacted media; including groundwater and subsurface soils.

Whether you are looking to attain site closure or just manage your AST or UST, Eastern has the in-house equipment, professional staff, and capability to meet your needs through quality teamwork services at competitive prices. We also handle all regulatory reporting as needed prior to removal or abandonment and upon completion. To minimize potential environmental risks, we also perform soil testing services and tank tightness testing.

Please call our office OPEN 24/7 for service +1 631 727 2700

NYSDEC # 1A-698


Tank Installations

Each tank installed by Eastern Environmental Solutions meets and exceeds the most stringent control authority requirements regarding the particular installation. Whether it is a new installation or an upgrade to an existing tank, Eastern provides licensed installation services for above- ground and underground, vertical and horizontal, and steel and fiberglass tanks to commercial and residential locations which meet all current regulatory requirements.

Additionally, Eastern can install or repair audible or visual overfill monitoring alarms to tank systems. A tank alarm monitor can warn of an incidence such as a costly accidental overfill before it happens. Please call our professional staff to learn more about tank alarm monitors.

We install tanks manufactured by many companies, some of which are:



Tank Testing and Tank Cleaning

Whether you are seeking to test or clean an industrial storage tank or a residential UST/AST, Eastern's industrial and residential storage tank testing and cleaning services are designed to give clients peace-of-mind in knowing that their environmental needs being professionally met. If you have structural or seal concerns regarding your storage tank, Eastern is fully equipped to pressure test and/or clean your tank in preparation for proper inspection or service utilizing the many methods of approved testing by regulatory agencies.

Eastern's confined space entry certified crew has the ability to transfer product with its in-house fleet of Vactor ®, pump, and tanker vehicles. And in the event of a leaking tank, product transferring allows clients to preserve the tank's original product while establishing temporary or new storage tank services.

Vactor ® and Guzzler ® Services

Vacuum Excavation: Air-Knife / Hydro-Excavation

Eastern Environmental Solutions offers Air-Knife and Hydro-Excavation services. These services are ideal for situations that involve possibilities of refusals caused by hidden utilities or solid debris in the parameter of an intended excavation area. By jetting compressed air or water into a concentrated area, followed by a hi-tech vacuum, e.g., Vactor ®, Guzzler ®, we are able to carve a precise excavation that minimizes risk and assists in the prevention of unnecessary peripheral excavating. Air-Knifing and Hydro-Excavating are safer excavation methods than using an excavator or hand-auger and is very cost effective. Eastern also provides support to horizontal drilling and boring contractors with the removal of drilling mud and bentonite.

Eastern owns the largest fleet of Vactor ® and Hydro-excavation equipment in the Northeast.


Sewer Jetting and Root Cutting

If your drainage system is clogged? It is possible that the cause may be due to roots growing into your drainage piping system.

Eastern Environmental Solutions is able to inspect drainage systems with CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras and locate sources of blockage with no disturbance to the system. If blockage is detected, Eastern can remove the area of concern with high pressure jets or robotic equipment and restore you drainage system to function properly. We are also able to provide our clients with video formatted DVDs of the inspection camera’s journey through your drainage system. This benefit allows clients to visually understand the actual status of their drainage systems and also makes them aware of any future planning that may be related to the maintenance of the system.

Mold, Asbestos, Lead Abatement & Testing Services

EPA Licensed Renovator

If you sense a continuous musty odor in your home or office, or are experiencing any long-term medical conditions without a known cause, then a mold inspection from our trained staff is highly recommended. Eastern Environmental Solutions' mold inspectors conduct thorough inspections to locate mold and its unseen sources in your home or office using modernistic mold inspection methods.

Eastern's knowledgeable staff is also ready to assist you in the abatement process of detected mold. Our mold abatement services can also be joined with our in-house renovators to restore your potentially affected room or structure back to its original state. And if you have any concerns with cross contamination of moldy areas, be assured that Eastern's assessment and remediation of fungi in indoor environments always complies with the most stringent regulations including the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's guidelines for mold removal.

Indoor Air Quality Sampling

Pinpoint the causes of foul odors and sickness...

We provide Indoor Air Quality assessments and sampling services designed to support a healthy and comfortable work and/or living environment.

We offer a complete range of services to diagnose, manage and perform the remediation of various indoor contaminates. Our effective investigative techniques pinpoint the causes of mold, odors, microbial organisms, sick building syndrome and other building related illnesses.

We surgically remove and dispose of any unsafe and or hazardous conditions and restore the area to its original appearance.

As part of our turnkey services, we provide testing services for:

  • Mold Remediation
  • Sick Building Syndrome
  • Odor Problems
  • Microbial Sampling
  • Mold & Mildew Mitigation
  • Volatile Organic Compound Sampling
  • Residential Home Evaluations


These services will meet EPA, OSHA, NIOSH, State, & local regulatory guidelines to protect workers and the public for exposure to potentially hazardous substances and materials.

Other Testing Services

Whether you have soil, water, or air testing needs, Eastern will collect a sample of your media using the most up to date equipment available following the most stringent of regulatory guidelines. If you are looking to classify foreign waste, determine quality of potable water (drinking water), or just desiring piece of mind about possible concerns of toxins on your property, e.g., gasoline, oil, lead, mold, asbestos, mercury, PCBs, herbicides, or pesticides, then please contact our office. As a contractor, Eastern Environmental Solutions submits all soil, water, indoor air quality, and waste classification samples to be tested, to a certified environmental lab that is always in compliance with the ELAP - Environmental Laboratory Approval Program.

If your a residential home owner and detect signs of mildew or foul odors please give us a call today.


Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Transportation and Disposal - Solid and Liquid Waste Management

Eastern Environmental Solutions is a fully licensed and insured transporter of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials in solid and liquid form. We can assist with the management of solvents, toxics, reactives, corrosives, oxidizers, PCB's, heavy metals, asbestos, universal waste and non-RCRA regulated wastes. Whether in lab-pack quantities or roll off container quantities Eastern possesses a Part 364: Waste Transporter Permit from New York State to safely haul materials from your site using the most effective means.

Whether your business generates solid, liquid, or bulk wastes (e.g. flammables, corrosives, aerosols, lab packs, mercury, photography chemicals, plating wastes, paints...etc), Eastern is fully equipped and licensed to characterize, transport, dispose of, and properly manifest your hazardous materials in a prompt and professional manner.

From the proper storage and handling to record-keeping and reporting requirements, Eastern Environmental Solutions is committed to bringing its clients up to compliance to meet their regulations by providing the highest level of customer intimate service.

NYSDEC # 1A-698 _ USEPA ID # NYR000135624



Drum Disposal & Management

With our fleet of licensed, insured, and permitted trucks, we can provide you with our professional drum disposal & management services which allows us to safely transport storage drums containing hazardous or non-hazardous materials and liquids. All drums are safely handled by our professional staff and all manifest documentation is always in compliance with DOT regulations.

Eastern also provides drum sampling and lab packing services and can also perform inventory & waste characterization of in-house products.

NYSDEC # 1A-698 _ USEPA ID # NYR000135624


Roll-Off Container Services

Our roll-off containers accommodate sludge and dry-waste materials. And with our extensive inventory of 10, 20, and 30 cubic yard containers, Eastern’s permitted trucks can conveniently stage and haul roll-off containers from your work site or residence to an approved disposal facility with prompt and reliable service. For bulk soil disposal, Eastern has a fleet of tri-axle dump trucks to efficiently transport and dispose of your contaminated waste.

NYSDEC # 1A-698 _ USEPA ID # NYR000135624

GeoProbe ® Systems - Subsurface Investigations

At Eastern we have the industry's leading fleet of GeoProbe ® rigs able to dig and investigate into depths unreachable by other companies. For any occasion or location we have the perfect GeoProbe ® machine for the job. For soil boring samples to groundwater testing, Eastern can do it all with the help of our expert GeoProbe ® technicians who are trained every year in the new equipment and techniques by the industry standard.

Eastern Environmental Solutions is a specialist with extensive experience in all types of subsurface investigations. Soil & Groundwater sampling is performed by means of Direct Push Technology (DPT). Utilizing our fleet of GeoProbe ® equipment, we can collect water and soil samples down to 100 feet below grade. Our multiple GeoProbe ® units allow us the ability to access buildings, hallways, and other areas typically thought to be inaccessible for subsurface investigation.

NYSDEC Well Driller # 10764