Oil Spill Remediation & Cleanup Guide For Homeowners

Oil Spill Cleanup and Flood Management Guide For Residential Homeowners


Why it's important for homeowners to industrial plants to know what to expect during an oil spill or flood on their property.


Lets be serious, having an oil spill in your house is a horrific thought. The damage, the smell, the uncertainty, it all becomes very stressful, very fast. We at Eastern understand this and work with you on a personal level to ensure the process is as painless as possible. Over 500,000 residential dwellings experienced fuel oil spills since 1988, 1 in 6 homes nationwide. If you have a brand new above-ground storage tank or an old underground, you should understand the process of spill remediation just in case. As an environmental contractor, Eastern can only perform a spill cleanup once it has been cleared with the NYSDEC. On the possibility of the spill effecting the environment makes it subject to both Federal and State laws. This also requires the acquisition of a DEC Certified and Licensed environmental services company to begin the cleaning and remediation efforts.

Homeowners or residents that become aware of a spill are required to contact the DEC (you can find more info here). Regardless of the size of the spill or the location, the possibility of effecting the environment could be great. Even a spill onto a concrete basement can seep through the cracks into the soil below causing issues. The longer a spill goes unreported the longer and more costly it will become causing more hassle. Contacting us immediately is your best course of action for us to guide you through the process.

Another concern of homeowners is the cost. Who will pay for this? How much will it cost me? Unfortunately the owner of the tank is responsible for all cleanup costs no matter what. We recommend contacting your Insurance provider to see if spills and leaks are covered by your Homeowner Policy. Contacting your fuel company to check if they have insurance for spills (if caused by them) should be your next step.


Don't let this happen to you!


Leaking oil tank in NJ lead to massive excavation


Eastern Environmental Solutions comes into the picture when the cleanup process begins. From start to finish, we handle everything from questions and consults, spill remediation and property restoration, and our 24/7 live phone support. No other environmental contracting firm has the equipment and responsive capabilities of Eastern. With the Northeast's largest environmental fleet of rigs and machinery to over 15 years experience, we cover all aspect spill remediation. Yet, we at Eastern believe in customer satisfaction and cost-effective solutions above all else. You will be with us every step of the way informed on every detail of the remediation process. Our team of Project Managers with over 100 collective years of experience, will provide you with peace of mind during the whole process.

As a homeowner you are responsible for the maintenance of your storage tank(s) so they do no leak. Due to things like water corrosion among other factors an unprotected steel tank has an average life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. If further services become required, Eastern will be there for you ready to go. Whether you are in need of a tank abandonment, tank removal, new installation, soil testing or excavation services we will take care of it. Take a look at all the services we provide to ensure we are your one stop shop for all your environmental contracting and remediation needs.


Residential Spill Cleanup & Remediation.


We also do Commercial, Industrial and Marine spills as well!


Eastern is one of the few Environmental Contractors on Long Island and in the New York City area that is capable of handling every type of spill cleanup and containment. With over 80 specialized environmental vehicles and our crew of expert field technicians there nothing we cannot take on! For any oil spills in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or the Tri-State area contact us.




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