Our new Geoprobe 420M rig

Eastern's latest addition; Geoprobe Systems 420M limited access drilling rig and custom trailer.


The 420M Limited Access Unit is the smallest and most portable of the Geoprobe Systems drilling units and we got our very own fresh out of the box...literally.


geoprobe 420m geoprobe systems 420m drill rig drilling hollow stem auger

Freshest addition to Eastern Environmental's industry leading fleet of environmental equipment...the Geoprobe Systems 420M Limited Access Unit drilling rig. The smallest and most portable of all the Geoprobe units, the 420M allows us to conduct sampling, testing, monitoring & drilling in the most confined of areas. Specially designed by the great team over at Geoprobe Systems the 420M gives us the ability to not only better access our clients specific area of implementation but also provides us with one man drilling capability, where two people just simply can't fit. Not only does it make it the job easier for us, its a more cost effective solution for you the customer.

This powerful little machine was designed specifically to be durable yet as lightweight as possible. At 23 in. wide, 62 in. tall (folded), and weighing right around 400 lb., the 420M can be manually lifted and carried to remote sampling locations. It can also be deployed to confined space areas and limited access sampling locations. The 420M is powered by a remote hydraulic power source which easily attaches to the machine or by using the auxiliary hydraulics from other Geoprobe Systems machines.


Heres a testimonial of the 420M being used in a commercial environment where no other probe would be able to be accessible (courtesy of Geoprobe.com)


GeoTest Services in San Antonio, TX, completed five limited access interior borings to +/- 20 feet at the University of Houston Cougars Hofheinz Pavilion/Guy V. Lewis Court Basketball Arena in Houston.  Alex Forhetz, Andrew Cardenas, and Angel Hernandez, the field team for GeoTest, used the 420MT in the arena while a PortaCo hydraulic pump and their unique 200-ft. auxiliary hose system was set up outside to power the machine inside.

GeoTest Services collected approximately 30-in. long concrete cores with a 420M as part of the project for five limited access borings at the University of Houston inside the main auditorium of the Hofheinz Pavilion. The concrete coring was through hard rock aggregate concrete found in the older structures in Houston.

geoprobe 420m drilling boring samples

The 420M was brought in and anchored to the steps. “We anchored the 420M to the 22-in. wide steps,” Paul added, “and were able to complete all of the borings. The geotechnical engineer and the University of Houston were extremely pleased that we were able to obtain the soil samples they needed in the redeisgn of the Hofheinz Pavilion.”






So not only did we get a new Geoprobe...we also got our very own trailer just for it. Complete mobility and functionality in one small trailer able to access almost anywhere. Before setting up the rig in the trailer the crew here had to overhaul the entire thing including a good exterior cleaning and a complete installation of steel flooring on the bed of the trailer. This required the cutting, welding and fabrication of multiple sheets of metal which were then carefully put into place and then set.




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