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What is a Geoprobe?

Geoprobe is a brand name of Geoprobe® Systems drilling equipment. A Geoprobe machine is a drill which is designed to penetrate deep into soil, groundwater and rock specifically for the reasons of subsurface investigation such as sampling and testing for contamination in the surrounding area. At Eastern we have a range of Geoprobe drilling units in our fleet, from limited access rigs to large platform rigs, giving us the unique ability to be able to conduct testing services and drilling in almost location whether it be residential, commercial or industrial. From our skid steer mounted "Dingo" probe to our 7822DT series employed with DPT we can handle any need regarding Geoprobe related drilling.


What is "DPT"?

DPT simply stands for "Direct Push Technology" designed and developed by Geoprobe® Systems for their rigs allowing the various machines to ‘push’ tools and samplers into the ground without the use of drilling to remove soil to make a path for the tool more effectively and less costly.


Geoprobe's first and primary use was simply only for the aid in remediation of soil vapor. Soil vapor is the vapor product created from a once solid contaminated source that then undergoes transformation into liquid then vapor underground or subsurface that then results in the flow up through the water table then soil through cracks making its way into any type of building or structure that lies above or being spread by the wind or other natural occurrences. Soil vapor intrusion can result in  the movement of the volatile chemicals from a subsurface source into the indoor air of overlying buildings. A difference in pressure allows the soil vapor to enter buildings new or old through cracks in basement floors, walls, electrical openings and more. HVAC systems create a negative pressure that can actually draw the vapor into your building, similar to how radon gas makes its way into a building. Soil Vapor can become contaminated when the subsurface sources evaporate and thus enter the soil vapor. These chemicals that are readily found are called "volatile chemicals'. VOC's are a common occurrence standing for volatile organic compounds, sources of VOC's can be the contamination of groundwater, soil or buried waste, hazardous and not.


Contaminated Soil, VOC's & Soil Vapor Intrusion


Eastern Environmental's Geoprobe® Remediation Solutions


Although the original intended purpose of all Geoprobe® rigs was Soil Vapor remediation, the rapid advance in technology of their equipment has led to their units providing literally countless applications in the environmental & remedial fields. From Storage Tanks - Fuel Oil Tanks monitoring, contaminated soil remediation, groundwater sampling, groundwater monitoring, RCRA investigation, soil sampling, soil vapor extraction, subsurface investigation, underground storage tank "UST" & above-ground storage tank "AST" monitoring, soil boring, environmental investigations, radon testing, extraction wells and more. We at Eastern utilize all aspects of our Geoprobe technology staying on the cutting edge of environmental advances giving us the ability to serve our clients with a wide array of options to solve any issue that may occur.


Here at Eastern we have the unique ability to handle the most restrictive subsurface remediation work thanks in part to our wide array of Geoprobe® rigs and our professional technicians ready to go. Fully prepared for any type of environment, our probes can operate almost anywhere able to access the most confined and restrained areas of land due to our extremely convenient portable mounted GH42 probe which we can utilize to access almost any point on the ground. Our extensive work in subsurface investigations, technical boring work, groundwater sampling, soil sampling, soil vapor well installations and well monitoring makes us the foremost company when it comes to this area.


At Eastern we have the areas largest range of Geoprobe® rigs ranging from the large scale model 7822DT & our 6610DT to our extremely versatile mounted GH40 series which we are able to mount on our Dingo utility loader, Caterpillar Mini Dozer and our specialized van made specifically for probe work.




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