Environmental remediation is our expertise

For over 15 years Eastern Environmental Solutions has been Long Island and New York City's premier environmental contractor and environmental remediation company.

Cost effective award winning service

Whether residential, commercial or industrial we pride ourselves on full service on-site clean ups, restorations and professional remediation of the property we work on.

Over 15 years environmental contracting

As complex as the environment is, here at Eastern our services are just complex. We offer every possible solution to any environmental issue or disaster you might have.

Industry leading fleet and technology

We provide the Northeast's largest most up to date environmental vehicle and equipment fleet, fully maintained in our own in-house shop regularly to ensure 100% reliability.


Our mission

Solving today's environmental concerns with innovative strategies

Our cooperation can save your money

The Eastern Environmental Solutions Inc. team is composed of specialists with extensive experience in all fields of environmental contracting and remediation services. Our project management team has a combined experience of over 100+ years in the industry which helps to give you the best insight into what we can offer and why we are the right choice.

At Eastern our mission is to create the most responsive and cost-effective solutions for each and every client. Through recognizing the difference between each client we pride ourselves on providing customer-intimate service leading to a positive everlasting impression and you feeling satisfied with your confidence in us.

 Eastern's extensive inventory of the latest and most innovative equipment and machinery ensure each project is completed in the most time effective manner. We put a heavy emphasis on keeping our clients, property and the environment safe, happy and secure.

We pride ourselves on leading the industry in cost-effective and efficient remediation to all the complex situations you might find yourself or your property in. Our commitment to professionalism, attention to detail and our unparalleled reputation in the field is what makes us the wisest and only choice for your environmental services needs.


The Most Cost-Effective Solutions In The Industry



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Our team

Customer Service Through Superior Service

  • Michael O. Flynn

    Michael has over 28 years of diverse experience in the environmental remediation industry.  In 2001,…
  • Scott Hamarich

    Sr. Vice President
    Scott has over 21 years of engineering, environmental and contracting experience.  Scott’s responsibilities include the…
  • Doug Schrimpf

    Vice President
    Doug has over 23 years experience in the environmental industry specializing in all aspects of…
  • Dan Rivers

    Vice President
    Dan Rivers is a Vice President at Eastern Environmental Solutions and has numerous years of…

World class environmental service

We don’t promise, we act. Our business model drives superior results.

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